Make sure everything you do adds value to your business with our Lean Practitioner Training Course – giving you the skills to put Six Sigma principles into practice. The definition of Lean is creating more value for customer with fewer resources. Lean in simple terms means reducing unwanted activities or process or anything that does not add value to the product. As a qualified Lean Practitioner you can make a real difference to business performance and customer satisfaction.
Target Group    
  • Lean Practitioners
  • Staff, irrespective of seniority, who are dedicated to make a real difference to business improvement     
Exam Content
The course broadly covers the following methodologies and tools. However the course content can be fine-tuned to meet specific industry requirement
  • Introduction to Lean               
  • Lean and Six Sigma Priorities
  • Lean Thinking
  • Lean Vs Six Sigma
  • Principles of Lean
  • Identification of Value
  • 7 Wastes
  • Pull System
  • Push System
  • 5S
  • Current Value Stream mapping
  • Analysis of Value Stream mapping
  • Designing Future Value Stream mapping
  • Visual Management
  • ​10 Types of Human Error  
  • Single peace Flow
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Spaghetti Diagram