About Us
Kenna Management offers outstanding access to professional education and certification, as well as a range of other services and solutions for growing companies seeking to operate leaner, encourage growth, foster better profitability and maintain or increase their competitive edge. We understand that Process, People & Technology are the key elements to balance and manage any organization rightly. 
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 Who We Are
Kenna Management is comprised of an experienced team of certified professionals. Each of our faculty members has practical hands-on experience, and is a true expert in his or her field. Experience, knowledge and education matter here, and our certified trainers and other faculty members deliver each and every time.
We are also committed to ensuring that our customers enjoy the best pricing possible on all of our education and training offerings. Our pricing hits the “Goldilocks” zone squarely – it’s neither too high nor too low. You’ll find our rates are “just right” for the services we provide. Our clients certainly appreciate that, as is evidenced in our double-digit growth year over year.
 What We Do
At Kenna Management, we focus on providing outstanding training and certification in a range of different disciplines and core areas. Kenna Management offers several different training programs, including classroom training, virtual classroom training, and web-based training, in a broad range of categories, and we constantly strive to improve, refine and redefine our offerings to remain on the leading edge of the professional training industry.We offer